Email Forensics Wizard– Top 5 Tools in 2021

Are you researching the best Email Forensics Wizard software? We can help! Join us as we walk you through to describe about the top 5 great email forensic analysis tools for you, from which you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

As technology advances day by day, email testing is now a difficult and typical task for forensic professionals. One of the biggest challenges for forensic investigators is the collaboration of evidence from multiple managers. Another problem is how to find the email proof item in such a large store. To address these issues, I’m going to describe a list of email forensic software’s that will enable you to effectively conduct email forensic investigations.

List of Top 5 Best Email Forensic Software for Windows

1. SysTools Email Forensics Software

The Forensic Data Collection Tool is designed to efficiently manage your own email clients and web-based email services to conduct email forensic investigations. This best email forensics supports more than 20 file formats, including desktop or web-based email services. Emails stored on mail servers can also be analyzed and investigated. For example hMailServer, MS Exchange Server, Communigate Server. A researcher can search emails, create bookmarks, export, preview, and restrict export options.

2. 4n6 Email Forensics Wizard

best email forensics wizard software

This email forensic wizard software enables users to collect all important data files as proof of collection. This makes it easier to manage forensic email investigation evidence. Users can then simultaneously scan, search, analyze and extract email addresses, attachments and phone numbers. This program allows you to save email data for future use.

  • It provides advanced filters and search options.
  • It saves all the emails and attachments data.
  • Software analyzes, examines and converts mailbox data items.
  • Convert emails data into Outlook PST, EML, MBOX, etc.

3. Advik Email Forensics Tool

The most up to date solution for Cyber Forensics experts to analyze email as evidence. Specially designed for email investigation to collect evidence as evidence. Advik Email Forensic Wizard helps experts save or convert emails to numerous legal file formats without changing the header.

  • Software provides the Advance Email Filtering Option.
  • Doesn’t demand for any external application of email analysis.
  • Analyse and backup from multiple Email Accounts.

4. Great Email Forensics Wizard

This best Email Forensics Wizard is one of the prominent downloaded email analysis tools, network forensic email tracking program, and email investigation solutions. This software is specially making for eDiscovery activities or extraction information from emails. However, non-technical users and novices can also use this tool. You can preview damaged or corrupted email archive emails and email headers. The email forensics tool provides the capabilities to convert, extract or transfer emails to files of multiple document formats.

5. DotStella Email Forensics Software

With its help, users of forensic email software can easily collect all suspicious data files as proof of collection. This makes it simple to manage evidence for email forensic investigations. The user can then search, scan, and analyze simultaneously. In fact, it’s very useful to save everything for future use.

The Email Forensics Wizard has a in build message viewer function that displays all email folders data along with attachments, email headers, and meta properties, etc.

Final Thoughts

In the article above, we have listed the 5 best email forensics software you will need if you are a detection agent. The aforementioned tools are used for such purposes as forensics of email headers, email detective, advanced email searches, downloading mailbox archives, data extraction, and more. I hope the above list of programs will help you choose the right wizard for your needs.

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