How to Fix Error 0x800ccc1a Code in Outlook Express Application Effortlessly?


This informative article provides guidelines for resolving Outlook Express error 0x800ccc1a. You will learn about the consequences of errors, causes and remedial measures.

The error 0x800ccc1a in Outlook Express is displayed at the time of the program installation or the execution of Microsoft Outlook Express on Windows. A Microsoft client sent the following query to get the idea to fix the same error:

‘Hello everyone! I’m an SEO analyst in my industry and use Outlook Express for some testing purposes. Suddenly I don’t know what happened, but while my email client was running my PC crashed with the 0x800ccc1a error. After that, I tried rebooting the machine, but the same issue is not resolved. Can someone tell me exactly what is going on? How can I get rid of it? “

Consequences of Errors 0x800ccc1a in OE

The following are the undesirable situations in which Outlook Express error 0x800ccc1a occurs:

  • The active application screen crashes and the error 0x800ccc1a flashes.
  • While running the app, my computer system suddenly crashes and I get an error statement.
  • SMTP_REJECTED_RECIPIENTS will appear on the screen.
  • The Windows operating system is slow and responds slowly with mouse / keyboard input.
  • In all cases, the PC freezes regularly for some time.

Reasons Outlook Express Error 0x800ccc1a

The following are the reasons why this error occurs in Outlook Express:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express installer is damaged.
  • Incomplete installation or removal of Outlook Express app.
  • Virus attack that corrupts the MS Outlook Express catalog.
  • System files associated with the mail client are deleted by mistake.

Troubleshooting Measures

It is important to fix all possible reasons to prevent Outlook Express error 0x800ccc1a from occurring again. Avoid wasting time and work by performing the following methods individually:

1: Repair Outlook Express Registry Entry

  • Open the start menu of the Windows operating system and just type the command in the search field
  • Press Ctrl + Shift and then Enter at the same time. This automatically opens an authorization dialog box
  • Click Yes and run the Regedit command on current screen
  • In the registry editor window, select the key for 0x800CCC1A, then click File >> Export
  • Select the folder on your PC where you want to keep the Outlook Express key backup
  • Enter any name for the backup file in the File name text box
  • Ensure that you have Selected Branch in the Export Area field
  • Click Save to archive the backup file using the .reg extension
  • When you are finished backing up a registry, repair the registry using the WinThruster software.
  • This application scans and fixes the Outlook Express error 0x800ccc1a from registry.

2. Perform a Full Scan Operation on your PC

The error might be caused by a virus on your computer. Therefore, your next solution is to run a full scan operation on your system..

3: Delete All Temporary Files from Computer

The computer creates a junk file itself while surfing the Internet and using the PC. If the computer owner doesn’t permanently delete these junk files, it will slow down performance with error 0x800ccc1a. So you have to clean up all temporary PC files using Disk Cleanup. This approach also improves your computer’s performance speed. You can read the following instructions for using Disk Cleanup on your PC.

  • Open the start menu on your screen and enter Command. You do not need to press Enter after typing the specified text
  • At once hold down Ctrl + Shift and then press Enter. This opens an authorization dialog box.
  • Click Yes and enter cleanmsg. Hit on Enter to move further.
  • At this point, disk cleanup begins to calculate the amount of space it can be reclaimed.
  • Select the check box of the Temporary Files category and click OK.

4: Deal with Corruption using System File Checker

  • Reopen the permissions dialog box as you did before, and click Yes to open a command prompt window.
  • Run the command Sfc /scannow to launch System File Checker in Win 10 or another version.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to repair the system file that is causing the corruption error.

Closing Words

Outlook Express Error 0x800ccc1a also occurs because of simple human errors. For example – users forget to update their machine and hence, there exists an incompatibility issue. Virus attacks are easy to be the attempt for hackers on non-updated PC because it does not comprise the high level of security standards within it. Therefore, not only for Outlook Express users but, also for other users, it is strongly recommended to update your PC’s operating systems and applications. This will prevent the occurrence of such types of error that are caused due to the absence of computer updates.

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