Learn How to Extract All Emails from Gmail Account Using Free Google Gmail Email Extractor

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In this post, we will introduce various solutions to extract emails from Gmail as the best Gmail email extractor. The solution consists of getting, pulling and retrieving emails, contacts and all other items related to your Gmail account. So let’s start with the same!

3 Different Solutions that Work Like Gmail Email Extractor

There are three different solutions to extract emails from Gmail profile that work like Gmail email extractor with attachments. Follow the below solution:

Solution 1: Extract Emails from Gmail With Google Takeout

  • Open the page www.gmail.com in the browser of your PC and log in to your account using your credentials. Keep in mind that the Gmail account will be the one whose data will be extracted.
  • This will load your Gmail account, you need to move your mouse cursor to the right side of the screen and click on the tenant icon.
  • Now a window will pop up where you need to click the “My Account” button.
  • A new tab will open automatically and click to expand the Personal Information and Privacy section.
  • Then, scroll down the page unless you see the Download or transfer content field. Once found, hit the Create Archive link.
gmail email extractor
  • This will open the Google Data Exports page where the first field is Select data to include. By default, all Google products are already selected to extract the data. However, if you don’t want to extract data for all Google products, click the Deselect All link.
extract emails from gmail
  • In turn, select the check boxes only for the Gmail items from which you want to extract data. For example, select only email and contacts.
how to retrieve email from gmail

Additional Information– If you want to filter a subfolder of mail items, click the All mail data contained function. This will open the Email Content Options window where you can only select Gmail folders to extract data via Google Takeout.

  • Click the Next Step button to start the process to extract emails from Gmail  account.
choose specific options
  • This will open the next field in Google Takeout: Archive Format Customization.
next step
  • Initially, you will be presented with the Delivery Method section where you must select one of the five listed methods. Each method has its own set of features and a description is provided directly below the delivery method you selected. You have selected the Email download link option.
google gmail email extractor
  • Next you will be presented with a file type section where you must select either the .zip or .tgz option. We recommend that you choose the ZIP option as it is easily accessible on most computers.
extract all emails from gmail
  • The last field in the correct section is “Archive size“. When the archive grows larger than the specified archive value, the solution automatically splits the output file into several files. You can change the default value if you want to do the same.
  • Finally, click the Create Archive button to start the process of extracting Gmail data with Google takeout.
  • When the archiving procedure is completed, you will be taken to the page where you need to save the extracted data to your local PC by clicking the download button.

Solution # 2: Get Gmail Data By Using Google Vault

This solution is only available to registered G Suite Enterprise or Business license customers. Also, in the archiving procedure, Google Vault does not include sites, contacts, or calendars.

Shocking Fact The features provided by G Vault are for archival purposes only. It is not intended as a backup and restore solution. Both archives and backups are believed to be similar in nature, but both serve different purposes and contrast some scenarios.

  • If you’re a Tenant Admin for your G Suite account, open the www.ediscovery.google.com link and enter your admin credentials to log in. Make sure that the Google Suite admin email address does not end with the “@gmail.com” domain.
  • This will open the Google Vault home page. I need to find the retention module and create a retention.
  • Press the edit option to extract emails from Gmail in the email field.
  • Define default retention rules indefinitely or for specific days.
  • Currently, Google Vault’s method of extracting emails from Gmail is retained indefinitely, even if officials delete it from the Trash folder.

Solution # 3: Extract All Gmail Data Using Backup Utility

This is the last way to extract emails from Gmail account. This involves using an automated solution called the Gmail backup tool. This is a simple approach to extract data from your Gmail account and store it on your local PC. With this solution, all you need to do is perform four simple mouse clicks and do all the activities immediately, without any effort. The amazing thing about this approach called as Gmail email extractor is that it automatically pauses the procedure if the internet connection is lost. Rather than stop and restart from the first point.

Final Suggestion Lines

Solution (1) to extract emails from Gmail is only suitable if your internet connection is fastest and there is no chance that the connection will stop working immediately. Solution (2) explained using Google Vault, but extracting Gmail data from the target account is not appropriate. Solution (3) overcomes the major drawbacks of solutions (1) and (2) allows you to experience the hurdle-free procedure using Gmail Email Extractor.

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